Good Lenders Finance: Motorcycle Credit Easier and Faster

The company basically focuses on financing motorcycles on credit specifically for the Honda brand. Considering that from year to year the demand is quite a lot, finally since 2000, Good Lenders Finance also provides various other motorcycle brands, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

The company provides shares that can be owned on the stock exchange, listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since 2014. Thus, we can also have Good Lenders Finance shares as one of the investment instruments in the capital market.

Products offered by Good Lenders Finance


As a leasing company, Good Lenders Finance has four superior products, each of which is considered appropriate in meeting the needs of the community at large, namely:

1. Multipurpose financing

This multipurpose financing is a financing product to buy goods or services that are consumptive, for example the purchase of washing machines, cellphones, and so on.

This multipurpose financing product offers very low interest rates of up to 0.9% per month.

2. Financing of new and used motorcycle loans

This is the one that raised Good Lenders Finance from used motorcycle loan financing products.

Debtors can choose their dream motorbike in a used condition and then submit it to Good Lenders Finance. If it meets the requirements, Good Lenders Finance will pay the desired motorcycle price with an installment payment agreement.

Motorbike interest rates are offered at 14.0 percent per year or around 1.16 percent per month.

3. Lite Lending new motorcycle credit financing

Motorcycle financing products with the Lite Lending system have started to be introduced to the public since 2010.

This is one of the answers to the public’s demand for credit or financing products based on Lite Lending without usury.

The Good Lenders Lite Lending agreement is a Murabahah contract. That is, the debtor agrees to a certain purchase price in accordance with the margin above the normal price, then is repaid in installments with the agreed amount and period.

One fundamental difference is that the sale price has been agreed at the beginning so there is willingness from prospective customers.

4. Motorcycle and car pawn

Good Lenders Finance actually has a Motorku (Service) and Mobilku (Services) pawn product with very affordable interest.

Interest on my Motorku loan is 1.8 percent per month and interest on Mobilku is even lower at 0.9 percent per month.

Leasing usually only holds BPKB motors and cars for pawn type products. This also applies to motorcycle and car pawns at Good Lenders Finance.

Good Lenders Finance Credit Application Requirements

Credit Application Requirements

Documents that need to be prepared are generally the same as the requirements of other leasing companies, such as:

  • KTP (Husband / Wife).
  • Family card.
  • TIN.
  • Electricity bills.
  • SKU (for entrepreneurs).
  • Payslips (for employees).

As for the terms of a motorcycle or car pawning for the sake of obtaining a loan, we only need to add a collateral in the form of a mortgaged motorbike or car.

How to Apply for Good Lenders Finance Loans / Loans

The steps to apply for financing or loans in the form of a vehicle BPKB pawn can follow the following steps.

  1. Prepare documents in full.
  2. Fill out the credit / loan form completely.
  3. The clerk will explain the selected product along with the rules that must be obeyed during the contract.
  4. The clerk will verify the data as well as a visit or survey if needed.
  5. The clerk will contact us if the credit / loan application is approved.
  6. Officers will coordinate with motor dealers / showrooms in accordance with those selected by consumers.
  7. The consumer pays a deposit to the dealer or showroom when the vehicle is delivered to the customer’s address.
  8. Consumers will receive an agreement book and contract number and the due date of the loan or installment.
  9. The due date is the same as the date the vehicle was received.

Good Lenders Finance’s Strengths and Weaknesses

motorcycle loan

As a leasing company that is experienced with a number of branches throughout Indonesia, Good Lenders Finance has a good name and reputation. Moreover, Good Lenders Finance is registered with the Financial Services Authority so that it really follows the regulations that have been set in protecting consumers.

The Good Lenders Finance installment payment process has become more advanced and follows digital developments such as including payments using the digital wallet method.

However, it’s no secret that leasing interest is higher than bank interest, so we need to be selective in choosing or applying for loans.

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