Personal Loan and Credit Combination.


Lite Lender Company is an online credit brand, this credit organization is part of the bank agreement. The latter is a subsidiary of the Across Lender group, well known as a hypermarket.

Lite Lender’s slogan is: ” Lite Lender, Your credit on the net ” which can be found on the home page of their website.

The Lite Lender personal loan :

The Lite Lender personal loan :

You want to do work in your house, buy a new car, buy equipment that you have wanted for a long time or go on a trip to the other side of the world. For this, Lite Lender offers personal loans also called consumer loans. To benefit from a loan of this type:

  1. Go to Lite Lender’s personal credit simulation page. Indicate the conditions of your loan (amount, monthly payments and repayment period) then click on ” request this loan “.
  2. Then return to the page with your personal details to finalize the request. When you have completed all the mandatory fields, you can validate by clicking on ” next “.
  3. Another page appears, you must fill in the fields, at least those which are compulsory. You can then click next.
  4. Then follow the directions on the site to finalize the consumer loan request. (there are 4 stages in total before finishing this request).

Lite Lender credit consolidation :

Lite Lender credit consolidation :

  • If you have a lot of credits, you can combine them into one so you can blow and spread the repayments over a longer period.
  • The deadlines will then be lower.
  • But beware : The overall cost of your loan will be higher in the end.
  • This is what Lite Lender Companyfr offers with its product ” credit consolidation ” also called credit repurchase.

Here is an example of credit repurchase visible on the Lite Lender Company website under the credit repurchase section.

Lite Lender credit buyout example

Lite Lender credit buyout example

If you wish, you can make an online request by clicking on the orange “ online request ” icon on the credit repurchase page. You must fill in the fields before confirming your request. It is your responsibility to verify the veracity of the information indicated on the form.

Here are some positive points of buying credit with Lite Lender Company:

  • Possibility of taking a break during your reimbursements.
  • You can decide when you will be debited from your bank account.
  • No obligation to change banks, you can keep yours.

Do not take this lightly, a credit commits you, you will have to repay it in full think before you contract it!

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